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How to achieve balance and growth ... by 2020!

  • The Frontier 800 Park Offices Drive Morrisville, NC, 27560 United States (map)

In 18 months, it will be 2020.

A new decade will launch - a new beginning for us all. Will you be ready?

2020 is synonymous with clear vision – do you have a clear vision for what these months will look like before this next milestone in time comes your way?

It has been proven over and over again that when we set big goals (in business and in life) in 18-month-increments, we double our capacity for achieving them!

As great as that is, we have all experienced working towards a goal only to find that it sucks all of our time and energy from other important aspects of our lives. Perhaps our work takes us away from our families, or our families take us away from our work. Or maybe our exercise takes us away from our business endeavors, or our business endeavors take away from our exercise. Or one project at work dominates our week, and there’s no time to focus on serving clients.

Is your life in balance?

Do you even know how to answer that question? Do you work too much? Play too much? Work too little? Play too little? How do we even get in balance? It’s not like we were taught this in school.

We have all suffered from over-commitment to something or under-commitment to something else. We’ve felt stuck or like we are plateauing rather than growing fiercely towards the person we want to be or doing the things we want to do.

At one point or another, we have lacked vision for the important things. And it’s likely we will again. Unless …

Unless we tend to all priority areas of our life and work. This allows us to thrive and reach our goals – when efforts in one area cause complete neglect in another, something’s off. To live our best lives, we need balance and growth in all important aspects of life and work.

The next 18 months is the beginning of working towards lifelong balance and growth.

Join us for the July Best Life Movement Workshop. We’ll dive into how to tend to our balance and growth in our life priorities until we breathe our last breath.


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The Best Life Movement is pleased to welcome speaker and peak-performance coach Brett Blair, author of the book, "From Autopilot to Authentic."

Brett used to live on autopilot, running each day on a treadmill, going faster and faster, but going nowhere at all. After experiencing a "mid-life blessing," he is now living his best, most purposeful life. He has a passion for helping others live on purpose, both inside and outside of their businesses or work. He is the president of Best Life Global, the peak performance coaching, and training company behind the Best Life Movement workshops. He truly believes the best is yet to come (hello, 2020!).


The second Wednesday of each month, The Best Life Movement invites you to join a complimentary live workshop and discussion about topics for best and purposeful living. Examining a different peak-performance topic each month, event attendees get to know other like-minded individuals and learn practical skills and strategies for living their best lives. Together we learn how to succeed above standard norms in all of life, for the rest of life. Monthly workshops happen from 12 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Frontier in RTP.


The Best Life Movement is a community of individuals who desire to live their best lives and help others do the same. Hosting these workshops is one tangible way we encourage best-life living. This movement is open to anyone wanting to live on purpose. Join the movement and our Facebook Group here!


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