Primary Responsibilities:

The Marketing, Content & Event Coordinator reports to the marketing director. 

In general, this intern will work closely with the marketing director to plan overall strategy, marketing campaigns, branding updates and projects. This intern has three primary responsibilities:

1. Cultivating and improving the BEST LIFE Movement, a community of people who desire to live their best lives and help others do the same. The movement allows members to learn about various peak-performance topics and habits that lead to heightened and sustained levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence in all areas of life, for the rest of life.

2. Planning the BEST LIFE Summit, the BEST LIFE Movement’s annual live event where attendees hear from high-energy speakers on various high-performance topics, as well as celebrate purposeful living at a post-event dining experience. We are expecting 150+ people at the 2018 summit on October 20th, located in Research Triangle Park.

3. Assisting in the creation of various coaching curriculum, including that of the Best Life Global Coach the Coach program, which teaches clients how to become a peak-performance coaches themselves; and the Best Life Global Peak-Performance Coaching program, which is the framework that we use to coach our peak-performance life coaching clients.

Secondary Responsibilities:

Secondary responsibilities include marketing tasks within various aspects of Best Life Global, including web development and maintenance, social media marketing, email marketing, campaign creation, print material development, search engine optimization, photo and video shooting, etc.

Specific Responsibilities & Tasks: 

  • Primary responsibilities
    1. Cultivate and improve the BEST LIFE Movement:
      1. Email list and Facebook group facilitation: Create and send content, value, workshop invitations, general updates and marketing campaigns through our contact management and email system.
      2. Update contact management system
      3. Plan, implement and sometimes facilitate monthly workshops: Market the workshop, carry out all planning logistics, oversee creative capturing of workshop content (photo, video, etc.), design workshop Keynote/presentation, lead workshops (optional), plan content of workshops, write copy for event description, post event information on website/event portal/community calendar
      4. Discover and implement new initiatives that encourage growth, improvement and engagement in the movement
    2. Plan the BEST LIFE Summit:
      1. Assist marketing director in planning the event from the beginning to the end
      2. Serve as the event’s assistant day-of coordinator
    3. Assist in the creation of various coaching curriculum:
      1. Assist the company’s president with creating curriculum content through research efforts  
  • Secondary responsibilities include assisting with:
    1. Best Life Global social media, email list, blog, website
    2. Brand development and creation
    3. Improving general marketing efforts
    4. Utilizing any special skills to serve the company (photography, videography, web design, email marketing, blogging, etc.)

Desired Skills:

Ideal candidates have a diverse set of the following skills. Please note not all of the skills are required, and we enjoy tailoring internships according to an interns’ skills and interests, while also challenging them in their weaknesses and in new topics:

Soft Skills:

An ideal intern resonates with our company’s core values:

  • We strive to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • We are committed to growth.
  • We treat people with respect. Always.
  • We believe in the win-win in an abundant universe
  • We believe the best is yet to come.

Interns are hard-workers, have entrepreneurial spirits, are willing to tackle unfamiliar challenges, show up on time, are independently organized, work their hours without being told, offer ideas confidently, enjoy meeting new people, understand that there are ups and downs to business, assume the best in others, and have a zest for life.

Hard Skills:

  • Web content creation & design (no coding necessary)
  • Online advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Flyer and brochure creation/design
  • Branding
  • Graphic design
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Professional and creative writing
  • Blogging
  • Email marketing
  • Curriculum creation
  • Statistical analyzation
  • Search engine optimization
  • Contact Management System management
  • Event planning
  • Public speaking
  • General marketing
  • Social media marketing and campaign creation
  • Psychology