"Attendee Engagement" Sponsor

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"Attendee Engagement" Sponsor


An Attendee Engagement Sponsor is the only sponsor level in which companies are allowed to directly sell their products or services. These sponsors have the honor of demonstrating their products or services, or creating a fun and interactive activity related to their products or services, in which attendees can participate during the event. Although Attendee Engagement Sponsors can engage with attendees throughout the entire event, a specific break will be dedicated to checking out Attendee Engagement Sponsor booths and activities. Each Attendee Engagement Sponsor will receive a dedicated space in the event venue to sell its products and implement its activity or demonstration.

You also receive all of Gold Level Benefits. This means you will see your company name and logo:

  • Mentioned and featured on Best Life Global's Social Media accounts, which have a following of more than 100,000 people and companies.

  • Mentioned and featured on Best Life Summit email promotions.

  • Featured on the 2018 Best Life Summit website and ticket registration page, the event program/handout, the screen at the event, and various permanent locations around the event.

  • Announced several times by the event emcee from the stage to the audience.

  • Highlighted as a part of the sponsor informational booth.

  • Highlighted in attendee swag bags. 

  • Announced as a contributor to making one of the official breaks throughout the day possible.

Attendee Engagement Sponsors also receive a promotional code to claim six free VIP tickets to the event!

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